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This service is aimed at ensuring delivery of your items within the shortest possible time frame, within or between major centers. Your goods are loaded onto the first available flight for delivery between major centres, and delivered to its final destination by means of a dedicated vehicle and driver.

This service is ideal for all time sensitive documents and cargo - where delivery on the same day is a must!

With the option of a same day drive through, or a next day delivery option. Our owner drivers, subject to availability and destination, will ensure that your goods are delivered as promptly as possible.

We offer an extensive selection of expedited delivery solutions - making our overnight courier option, not only popular, but very affordable too! Choose between an overnight delivery to main centres by 10h30 or the more economical option of delivery by 15h00!

With collection from your door - we will ensure that your time sensitive cargo is delivered with care, passion and on time.

This service is designed for those bigger items - yet they remain time sensitive in terms of delivery.  Delivery is normally within 24 - 36 hours, and subject to certain flight restrictions.

Contact one of our agents to find out more about this service.

Through our alliance with In The Box, we offer a cost effective service whereby you can drop your goods at their retail store. They will take the responsibility to provide you with packaging, securely package the goods and keep you informed of delivery progress.

Known as the “economy” service, our road freight service allows you to ship those big, bulky and the not so time sensitive items-across the country- by means of road. This service is also ideal for all those items that are not permitted to be flown by our local carriers.

Delivery from date of collection is normally 2 - 3 working days to main centers and 3 - 5 working days to regional areas.

Currently only running between Gauteng and Cape Town at the moment - this is an affordable alternative to our airfreight services. Your goods are collected by no later than 3pm on the day of collection, consolidated, and delivered the next day before close of business by means of a road service…….at a fraction of the price of air freight.

Whether you need to send one box, a pallet or multiple pallets-with critical deadlines, this cost effective alternative is aimed at you.

Through our network of partners, we are able to offer a complete, reliable and cost effective logistics management of road freight cargo into and throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Whether you require break bulk, part loads, consolidations or full loads-we will find the right solution for you.

Whether it be one day, one week or one year………for one box, pallet or full truck loads, we can offer you a warehousing and storage solution to suit your needs. Through our experienced teams, we provide a clean, safe and secure environment to offer you an array of solutions.